Mark J. Berger

Testing Web Apps in Go

I’ve been playing around with Go in my spare time by writing a toy web app. The Go standard library has some great packages around writing web applications and I’ve really enjoyed using them. In fact, the official language wiki includes a small tutorial on writing web apps. However, there is no mention of how to test web apps using the standard ... Read more

An Introduction to Chef Solo

This past weekend I was able to automatically provision my personal server using Chef. Chef is a powerful tool for configuring servers, but most of the guides I found were overly complex or aimed at groups with large computer clusters. Therefore this is my attempt at writing a stupid-simple guide to Chef-solo for a small number of personal machi... Read more

Running flask with virtualenv, uwsgi, and nginx

My website used to be hosted on Heroku, but I recently changed to a virtual private server. Figuring out how to serve my flask site with virtualenv, uwsgi, and nginx was frustrating and it almost made me regret switching. There are plenty of articles on this same topic, but none of them worked for me on the first try. Here are my notes for Ubunt... Read more

Git Tips for Beginners

As I’m nearing the end of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program with the Tahoe-LAFS community, I can say it has been an amazing learning experience. I learned a lot and was able to solve some important bugs along the way. As with any learning experience, there were plenty of frustrations along the way. Sadly, most of these frustration were c... Read more